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本文摘要:7.Slow Computer7.电脑运营较慢Whenever a computer becomes slow, viruses are almost always blamed. There are a small number of viruses that hog RAM in the background, but it will become obvious very quickly. The truth is that computers slow down o


7.Slow Computer7.电脑运营较慢Whenever a computer becomes slow, viruses are almost always blamed. There are a small number of viruses that hog RAM in the background, but it will become obvious very quickly. The truth is that computers slow down over time for numerous reasons, and most of the time, it doesnt have anything to do with viruses.无论何时,只要电脑运营开始减慢,病毒总是第一个躺在枪。有少数病毒隐蔽在后台内存中,但它不会迅速不会被找到。事实是,电脑大大运营较慢是有很多原因,大多数与病毒没关系。

One problem may be that, like anything, computers get old. Your computer may have been really nice when you first bought it, but the constant demands placed on the system make it harder to keep going. Also, the longer you own a computer, the more programs you are likely to have downloaded, which exhausts your RAM. Computers may also slow down when their hard drives start to fail, and not much short of replacing it is going to fix that. Sometimes, Internet connections slow down due to outdated browsers or Flash programming.电脑像所有东西一样不会经常出现一个问题,变旧。电脑在刚刚卖时很好用于,但是对系统大大毁坏使电脑显得难以使用。

某种程度,电脑用于就越宽,程序iTunes就越多,从而消耗内存。当硬盘驱动开始衰落,电脑就不会减慢,较少有可能通过更换修缮它。有时,网络连接减慢是因为浏览器和Flash编程过时。So if your computer is starting to get slower, dont jump to the virus scanner. Check the health of your hardware, stop unnecessary programs running in the background, and make sure all of your software is up to date. If all of that is okay, the problem may be a virus, but theres still a good chance that its something else.所以,如果你的电脑开始运行较慢,不要无间道。

检查硬件的健康状况,暂停后台不必要的程序运行,保证所有软件已改版。如果一切都没问题,问题就有可能是病毒,但仍有可能是别的原因。6.Smartphone Viruses6.智能手机病毒Many people dont really think of their smartphones as tiny computers, but thats essentially what they are. Unfortunately, malicious people are now targeting smartphones the way they target computers.许多人不指出他们的智能手机是台小型电脑,但是它们本身就是。

所以有人用反击电脑的方式蓄意反击智能手机。In 2011, one virus found its way in through a third-party application to send messages from the users phone, which cost the user money but made the creator of the virus quite a profit. Emboldened by successes like these, viruses have begun inundating the smartphone world.2011年,一款病毒通过第三方应用程序用用户手机发短信,让用户产生费用从而利润。有了这样的顺利例子,病毒开始弥漫了智能的世界。

These viruses usually infiltrate smartphones through downloads of applications from the marketplace. Googles app store is an open marketplace where anyone can sell an app, which is good in a lot of ways, but it also means that the store is full of third-party applications that havent been vetted. People may feel like they are getting something from a trusted source, though, and unwittingly expose themselves to malicious programs.这些病毒一般来说从应用于市场iTunes藏身智能手机。谷歌应用于商店是一个对外开放的应用于市场,任何人都能出售应用程序,从很多方面来说是好的,但是也解释谷歌商店中的第三方应用程序没经过审查。人们不会实在从可靠来源中获得了什么,然而不知不觉中对恶意软件曝露了自身信息。

In this case, its usually best to never download anything from an untrusted source and check the permissions that applications require. If the permissions they want seem strange, dont agree to them without doing your research.所以,最差的办法是不要未曾信任的资源上iTunes应用于,并检查应用程序必须的权限。如果权限看起来很怪异,不要表示同意它们的权限。

5.Laptop Fires5.笔记本起火Many people believe that you shouldnt leave a laptop running too long or leave it on a rug, bed, or anything flammable for fears that it will catch fire. However, there isnt any evidence of that ever happening. On the rare occasion that a laptop does cause a fire, its because of something like a defect in the wiring.很多人指出,电脑无法运作过于长时间或者将电脑放到地毯,被子和易燃的物品上,以免再次发生火灾。事实指出,这类事情未曾再次发生过。只有很少情况下笔记本不会因为线路故障再次发生火灾。

More recent laptops even include better ventilation and fail-safes designed to keep the machine from overheating in any capacity. If your machine is overheating constantly, its probably a sign that something is wrong with the hardware, you are exceeding its normal capabilities, or its a really bad design.现今的笔记本都配有较好的风扇装置和自动以防故障装置,让电脑在任何情况下都会短路。如果电脑持续短路,解释电脑硬件有可能经常出现了问题,用于多达了长时间能力范围或电脑本身设计有问题。There is a much more real danger with laptops, and that is laptop burn. Many people sit with their laptops directly on their laps, and contrary to the name of the machine, this is a terrible idea. Hot laptops have caused serious burns through clothing within just a few days of moderate usage. If you must use a laptop on your lap, remove it if it starts to feel hot and find another surface to put it on.笔记本更加危险性的问题是笔记本短路造成灼伤。很多人将笔记本必要放到大腿上或躺在电脑背面,这是一个可怕的现象。

痉挛的电脑在几天的用于过程中不会通过衣服导致相当严重的灼伤。如果你一定要在大腿上用于电脑,当电脑开始发热时将它后移对外开放到其他地方。4.Bottlenecking4.瓶颈效应Many people are under the impression that if their computer starts to fail, they can just replace whatever part is dying. However, technological advances move quickly, making upgrading much more difficult due to compatibility problems.在很多人的印象中,如果电脑经常出现故障就要替换出有问题的部分。然而,技术的飞快变革,由于兼容性的问题让升级显得更为艰难。

For example, someone might find that their processor is failing, but no one makes processors anymore that work with that particular motherboard, so now they need to replace that, too. Once theyve replaced the motherboard, some of the older parts wont work with the new board, and now they might as well build a new system. This is known as bottlenecking.比如,有人找到处理器经常出现了问题,但是其他处理器无法适应环境主板,所以主板也必须替换。一旦替换了主板,其他原有的部分也无法适应环境新的主板,最后要替换新的系统。这就是瓶颈现象。Even if you dont have any compatibility issues when you upgrade, your system will eventually bottleneck. To a certain extent, your computer is only as good as its weakest component. For example, if you decide that you need to upgrade your video card, but your processor is too weak, its not going to make a noticeable difference.当电脑升级时,尽管没遇上兼容性问题,你的系统也将经常出现障碍。




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