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本文摘要:When people hear about Chinas Huawei Technologies, German car maker BMW probably never comes to mind. 谈到中国的华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies Co.),人们一般会想起德国的宝马汽车公司(Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, BMW, 全称:宝马)。


When people hear about Chinas Huawei Technologies, German car maker BMW probably never comes to mind. 谈到中国的华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies Co.),人们一般会想起德国的宝马汽车公司(Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, BMW, 全称:宝马)。But according to Ren Zhengfei, Huaweis founder and chief executive, there are similarities between the two companies. 但华为创始人兼任首席执行长任正非指出这两家公司具有相似之处。In Huaweis latest annual report released this week, Ren says the Chinese telecommunications equipment makers challenges are similar to those of BMW as the luxury car maker takes on nimble new competitors like Tesla Motors. 在本周公布的华为近期年报中,任正非说道华为作为移动通讯设备供应商所面对的挑战,相近于宝马面临的来自特斯拉(Tesla Motors Inc.)这样灵活性的竞争对手的挑战。


Can BMW match Teslas pace? This has been an issue of debate for some time at Huawei, says Ren. Most believe that Tesla vehicles represent a disruptive innovation and will surpass BMWs. I think that BMW may not lose the game if they take an open approach to improve themselves. 任正非在CEO致词中说道:“宝马平不追得上特斯拉,一段时间是我们公司内部争论的一个问题。多数人都指出特斯拉这种政治宣传式创意不会打破宝马,我反对宝马大大地改良自己、对外开放自己,宝马也能自学特斯拉的。

” He even has a piece of advice: BMW needs success, not a narrow sense of pride that everything has to come through its own innovation. 他甚至送给了条建议:“宝马必须的是顺利,而不是自主创新的武断自豪。”A spokesman for BMW in China couldnt immediately be reached for comment. 笔者尚能无法与宝马派驻中国的发言人取得联系早已置评。

Huawei is like BMW, in that we are also a big company. We live in an information society that is fast-changing with lots of disruptive innovations, Ren says. Can we continue to survive? Admit it or not, this is a question right in front of us. 任正非说道,华为也就是一个“宝马”(大公司代名词),在瞬息万变,不断涌现颠覆性创意的信息社会中,华为能无法之后存活下来?不管你怎么想要,这是一个放在你面前的问题。As Ren rarely makes public appearances, the annual report represents one of few occasions in which he shares his views on Huawei and the industry. Ren founded Huawei in 1987 as a telecom gear sales agent and the Shenzhen-based company soon started making its own products. Over the past decade, Huawei has rapidly expanded outside China to became the worlds second-largest telecom equipment supplier only behind Swedens Ericsson. 由于任正非很少公开发表露面,他在年会上的讲话就是他共享自己对华为和行业观点的少数机会之一。


任正非1987年在深圳创办华为,当时华为还是一家电信设备销售代理商,但迅速就开始生产自己的产品。过去10年中,华为在海外很快扩展,沦为世界第二大电信设备供应商,次于瑞典的爱立信(Ericsson)。While there may be similarities between the challenges facing Huawei and BMW, the Chinese company is also coping with more unique problems, especially in the U.S. In 2012, a U.S. congressional report recommended that U.S. telecom carriers avoid using Huaweis equipment, saying that the Chinese companys gear could be used by Beijing to spy on Americans. Although Huawei has repeatedly denied such allegations, the company has been effectively shut out of the U.S. telecom-equipment market. 虽然华为和宝马面对的挑战有许多相似之处,但华为还面对着许多更加独有的问题,特别是在在美国。2012年,美国国会的一份报告建议美国电信运营商防止使用华为的设备,说道这家中国公司的设备有可能被中国政府用作对美国展开间谍活动。

虽然华为再三坚称这类指控,但它事实上已被拒于美国电信设备市场之外。Even so, Ren portrays the U.S. in a positive light in his message. 尽管如此,任正非在讲话中依然对美国展开了正面评价。We must be conscious of the power of the United States. They have advanced systems, flexible mechanisms, clear property rights, and respect and protection of individual rights, Ren says, adding that those qualities have helped the U.S attract the worlds best talent. The light that never goes out in the Silicon Valley continues to shine. 他说道,我们要认清美国的强劲,它先进设备的制度、灵活性的机制、具体明晰的财产权、对个人权利的认同与确保,这种较好的商业生态环境,更有了全世界的优秀人才。

他说道,硅谷那盏大地的灯,依然在光芒四射Ren also gives Tesla a shout-out: The U.S. is not lagging behind; it is still a model for us to learn from. Isnt Tesla a good example? 任正非还提及了特斯拉:美国并没有领先,它依然是我们自学的榜样,特斯拉不就是例子吗?。



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